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danube provinces
back again with another request for good books.

anybody know about good books about the danubian provinces? interested in: military and civil life, administration, conquest, political history of these territories, ...

just let me know.
Yves Goris
Quintus Aurelius Lepidus
Legio XI Claudia Pia Fidelis
Cohors VII Raetorum Equitata (subunit of Legio XI CPF)
vzw Legia
Rome and the Nomads: The Pontic-Danubian Realm in Antiquity by Roger Batty is a good book covering mainly Moesia and a little bit of Hungary and some of the invasions from the Sarmatians to the Turks but it might pay to shop around as it is expensive on Amazon. However it does point out the difference between the northern and southern banks of the lower Danube as the northern side had extensive wetlands and drainage systems making it hard for farming etc in antiquity before damming and draining of wetlands in last 150 years unlike the southern bank which in most places was higher and why for this reason invaders always sought to cross the Danube for the richer lands of the south bank.

Another good book which has a few pages on the Danube is Rivers & the Power of Ancient Rome by Brian Campbell but it covers all the major river systems of the Roman empire and not just the Danube.

Michael Kerr Confusedmile:
Michael Kerr
"You can conquer an empire from the back of a horse but you can't rule it from one"
For the middle Danube, Andreas Mocsy is very good.

I've only read parts of this online, but I've referred back to it many times. Particularly good on the Roman military presence in the area:

Pannonia and Upper Moesia
Nathan Ross
I didnt read Batty's book (who I saw is not a historian but a professor of economics at a Tokyo University) but on my wanderings on the internet I came across a short critic of his book published in The Journal of Military History by Everett L. Wheeler who I understand is a reputed military historian.

So I wont consider Roger Batty's book a good one, it have quite few flaws, mistakes and holes in it. The critics I read was mostly about Dacians and Danube area and Roman wars and people there but Wheeler found quite few big mistakes (or Batty apparently dont know some things or misinterpreted them and twist them) which make thing he isnt a very good source
Razvan A.
If you can read German the books from Zaberns Orbis Provinciarum series provide what you ask for:

Thomas Fischer: "Noricum", Philipp von Zabern (2002).
Gerda von Bülow, Rumen Ivanov : „Thracia: Eine römische Provinz auf der Balkanhalbinsel“, Philipp von Zabern (2008).
Miroslava Mirkovic : „Moesia Superior: Eine Provinz an der mittleren Donau “, Philipp von Zabern (2007).
Nicolae Gudea, Thomas Lobüscher: "Dacia: Eine römische Provinz zwischen Karpaten und Schwarzem Meer", Philipp von Zabern, Mainz (2006).
Mirjana Sanader: Dalmatia: "Eine römische Provinz an der Adria", Philipp von Zabern (2009).

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