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0 AD (Game)
This is a fun RTS Game I was reccomended. It began development back in 2000, but missed the golden age of RTS games back when Age of Empires was a hit. It's currently in its alpha build, and is very reminiscent of Age of Empires II/III. It's still in Dev, and they plan to add factions like Late Rome, Principate Rome, the Huns, the Goths, Ptolemaic Egypt, and others.

Unlike age of Empires, they have a heavy focus on historical accuracy. In Age of Empires II, where all factions could recruit the "Man at Arms," each faction in 0 AD has their unique unit, like the Hastatus, Phalangite (it goes by its greek name, can't remember), etc.

Furthermore, each civilization has its own unique buildings and unit formations, like the Agora, Armamentarium, and Theatron for Buildigns, and the Testudo, Phalanx, and Syntagma for formations.

Current Factions:
Achamaenid Persia
Pre-Marian Roman Republic
Hellenic States (Athens and Sparta Playable, Thebes and (Epirus?) currently in development)
Celtic States (Iberia, Britons, Gauls)
Mauruyan India

Umm... I think that's it.

Oh, it's also free!
Sounds interesting. You forgot the link to download the file
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No there wasn't. It's supposed to be based on he Birth of Jesus but Jesus was born between 4 and 6 BC (so yes our calender is off). There was no 0 AD, it went straight to 1 AD.

Thanks for the link Dan, this is their website:

If Anyone downloads it and wants to play a match, I will be on this afternoon. I should be able to play.
Completely off topic, I know, but there wasn't year 0, was there?
Nope. And that's why 2001 was the first year of the third millennium, not 2000.
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AD 1 = Anno Domini 1 = 1st year of the Lord. 0 AD = zero year of the Lord, which would have been a meaningless expression. The moment a person is born starts the count of his/her first year.
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I have been playing it today. It's a fun game.
I played for a couple of hours. I'm not seeing the difference between this and Age of Empires.
Author: Bronze Age Military Equipment, Pen & Sword Books
Quote:I played for a couple of hours. I'm not seeing the difference between this and Age of Empires.

There's a few.

1. Most Structures can't be built outside of City Limits
2. Every Nation has custom units and formations, although the units fulfill the same roles.
3. Extremely limited Technology research (no blacksmith, university, etc like in AOE)
4. Walls shoot Arrows.

So there is very little difference, but the Game is still indev.
I have been playing the game for the last few days, an hour a day or so, and I find that it's a moderately decent game. It's great for being free, though if I pretend that I paid $9.99 for it, I may have SOME concerns -

It lacks the ability to interest someone in the historical terms of the game. RTW did a much better job. ( I always had an interest in history all my life, from Egyptology, to recent "modern" history, but playing RTW I looked into ancient Rome, and thus why I am here. I feel as if I could be playing any strategy game etc, and the only uniqueness would be the...mmm sorry can't think of any. Maybe the writer's interest for accuracy!

If any of you have heard of or played the game "Fate of the Dragon" by Sold-Out, or "Pharaoh" also by Sold-Out, then you will realize how similar this game is to any other. If you want to sell a product in today's market, expect VERY high expectations! I am easy, I like this game and enjoy playing it, providing it doesn't LAGGGG, or I quit. If you have more than 150 population each, it will start to lag a lot making it unplayable, even on the best of PC's.

Despite my comments with an honest and hopefully helpful opinion, I like the game, and encourage it's production.
Samuel J.
I have to agree, Rome Total War 2 flopped (along with the past 4 Total Wars) because it didn't bring anything new to the Gaming style since Medieval 2.
I split off the discussing about the 'year 0' discussion to a new one in Civ Talk:
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