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From Tucson, AZ seeking to start Roman Roll PlyGam
24 June 2013

Seeking to get involved in Roman Roll Playing Game
need to know which companies currently produce
Roman miniatures (made in England?)
With a currently produced rule book that is somewhat

Who would be the US distributor for the game incase I
wanted a local game shop to order it?

I think I am referring to


Geoffrey Ives

28 July 2013

At the moment have limited funds to work with.

Have decided to prioritize reading up on Roman History and work on learning
Roman Era Military tactics in Roll Playing games to build up my knowledge base
while I save to complete a Roman Era marching kit for reenacting.

Plan on building a Roman Army in 28mm and 1st Century opposition forces to play
at Hats Games (Tucson, AZ) and the GAME-CON Phoenix, AZ and Tucson, AZ within the
next year. Wish me luck....

Will create a Roman Army Uniform for reenacting
as have the fabric and the time to do so.
Can not afford at this time to put the gear together
to do events in other states and have no travel budget.

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