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A big guy...
Of all the gladiators, the retiarius was the lowest, also, these were nimble, skinny lads running around. So I do suppose for you the murmillo would be a much beter suited impression. You can see the different types here. http://www.ancientempiresreproductions.c...ators.html

As you can see, all you REALLY need to invest in is a good helmet and a half decent Pompeji gladius with a shit Indian scabbard, as you do not need that anyway exept for transporting your sword. The other things like the manica and the legprotector can be made yourself or you can see if you can pick up a half decent scutum from an American vendor. All important is a good shieldboss, really, as you will customise/personalise the paintjob anyway. The greave can be made in your local auto bodyshop or by yourself, as it can be made from sheet brass. Riviting on the strapholders cut from the same sheet is not the most difficult of jobs.
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True...I was drifting their in thought about what I liked and not about what would be practical. Murmillo would be the most sound and logical route. I'll have to check online about patterns and instructions for the manica.
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