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Seeking a Roman Reenactment Unit in Arizona
20 July 2013

Just created my Roman Military Calcei (boots) have yet to hobnail them
featured images and postings under my name on this site.
also purchased Roman Naalbind socks from

Working on creating a Tunica.

Have purchased and read the following books:

Philip Matyszak Legionary
The Roman Soldiers Manual
Published by Thames Hudson 2009
A fantastic book for people interested in
Roman Military Reenacting.

Philip Matyszak The Enemies of Rome
Published by Thames Hudson 2004
An astonishing history of the people and cultures
the Roman Military out fought.

Paul Elliott The Last Legionary
Life as a Roman Solider in Brittian AD400
Published by Spellmount 2007
Absolutely facinating reconstruction of a
Soldier living in the Vindolana Fortress Community in that
time period highly detailed!

Ross Cowan Roman Battle Tactics 109-BC to AD 313
Illustrated by Adam Hook
Published by Osprey 2007

I thought that I had specified another volume in the
series but I ended up with volume 3
Roman Military Clothing AD 400-600
Raffaele D'Amato Illustrated by Graham Sumner
a fantastic book with elaborate illustrations.

28 July 2013

If your interested in the topic just email me directly.

Will be reading more, trying to buy what I need in
stages and Gaming at Hats Games in Tucson, AZ in the
future Ancient war games etc.

If your interested...

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