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Models in Book Great Ages of Man, Imperial Rome
In this book there are wonderful pictures of a model of the siege of Avaricum. The credits state the model was in the museum at the U.S.Military Academy. I had visited that museum before and noticed that the Roman and Gallic figures now on display are not the same in the book. Does anyone know where the figures shown in the book are now? The figures are identical to those in another set of pictures in the book showing the battle of Cynoscephalae.
Quote:The credits state the model was in the museum at the U.S.Military Academy.
I'm afraid I can't help, regarding the present whereabouts of the figures. I corresponded with Michael Moss of the West Point Museum in 2004, when he kindly gave permission for me to use the Avaricum diorama in the Osprey Siege Warfare in the Roman World book (p. 62). I pointed out to him that the Avaricum scene was inaccurate (being based upon De Reffye's discredited version of Caesar's siegeworks), so it's possible that the figures were "redeployed" in a new diorama.
posted by Duncan B Campbell

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