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The Whole North Into Gaul
I've still got an open shelf spot on JSTOR. I'll check it out. Thanks Renatus.

I see what you're saying. I don't have access to a lot of primary or secondary books, articles, etc. (although I think Peter Heather makes some brief mentions to Eugippius and St. Severinus) But I will try and add more cross-references.
I am working on correcting errors and making my point more concise - it is to be apaper on the vita sancti severini providing evidence for Limitanei postings in Noricum and Raetia, and the status of those units (whether they were equipped, understrength, etc).
Well, I will certainly not criticize your Latin,because I'm the last one who should do it Big Grin.To me your brief article was an interesting snapshot to an area I don't know much in detail,because my focus usually shift heavyly on east after Aetius death.So every information I can get on the situation during closing years of the Western Empire is much valuable.

The only objection that I had relates with what somebody already mentioned here-while reading it I was not sure what the goal or a point of the artycle is.Personally I also think that this might work better if individual thematic paragraphs would by highlighted by subtitle,like for example in the final paragraph something like:Situation of the Frontier in the closing years of the West,etc...

You should maybe also post your work at ,if you already not done so.Even I got my profile there,but to date,not even one article Confusedilly: .
Unfortunately, I lost my flashdrive, and therefore the significant number of changes I made to the article as well. Even then, I believe I had hit a dead end with it anyways, so I have started a new article.

This new paper will cover the Battle of Chalons - only a handful of authors have really looked at it in depth (notably only those who wrote Biographies on Aetius, three of which are extremly expensive and no longer sold anyways), and I have some original theories about army composition and tactics I intend to present in the submission.

Any suggestions etc. would be helpful. I have only written an introductory paragraph so far.

EDIT: I am looking for modern day Books that provide theories and descriptions of the battle. I know of only a handful, so please list as many as you know of.
OUCH!! I always save on 3 hard disks, 2 flash drives and every few days I even send emails to myself.... And then people say I am overcautious....
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George C. K.
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Well I had had this flashdrive for years, but it must have fallen out of my pocket walking up to mow a lawn one day, or something. I had about 10 gigs of articles, images, and other stuff on there.
Quote: I even send emails to myself.
Yep. When it absolutely, positively can't get lost, that's the ticket. The major email networks simply can't afford to lose data. If one did, they'd be history nearly overnight. Of course, putting things there means that they are not secure, and may be read by the Overseers, believe it or don't.
M. Demetrius Abicio
(David Wills)

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Emailing things to yourself is something I do a lot, to convert files into PDF's for free. So luckily I was able to recover some lost stuff.

Not to spark any political debate, but in response to David, if I send an email to say, Robert Vermaat, it will go through a Government program that scans for keywords like "explosives", "weapon", etc because the Patriot Act gives the government the power to fish through overseas emails for terrorist threats. If I were to send an email talking about the use of Flaming Arrows, for example, the government would probably highlight it and it would be read.
hehe... you terrorist Romans you... Big Grin Big Grin
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George C. K.
῾Ηρακλῆος γὰρ ἀνικήτου γένος ἐστέ
Back on topic, looking for books/articles/papers that give theories or descriptions on the Battle of Chalons. Things like Arthur Ferril or J.B. Bury, etc.
Hello Evan,

this draft of Arther Ferrill's article "Attila the Hun and the Battle of Chalons" might be of interest to you:

This is another link I came across: (esp. chapter 9, § 4.).


Some theories I will suggest in my article:

- The use of the feigned retreat at Chalons
- The Updating of the Notitia until 435 A.D.
- The presence of Frisians at the Battle
- The use of the Fulcum by the Romans in the Battle
- Who the "Olibrones" were (Ian Hughes suggested they were Franks, but I have another Idea)

So far I've got a few paragraphs done. Hope to do more this weekend.
I met also with opinions suggesting that maybe some of those otherwise unknown tribes who were allegedly been present at Chalons are only fiction or mistaken names of actually existing tribes.
Well I've advocated that the record of the Saxons at Chalons refers to Frisian Settlers in the area of Flanders and Kent (supported by Late 4th century archaeological Finds in that Area, as well as records of Saxons settled there in the ND and the Cohors I Frixagorum on the British Frontier.) Many of the Tribes listed for Attila are fictitious.
So I will have my Initial Draft finished today. This is to get most of my General Thoughts in Order (or at least put them where I want them to go in the paper), and each Theory has sort of a paragraph or two for it (after my Introduction).

I still have to acquire the Copies of "The Goths" and "The Huns" (Peter Heather and EA Thompson Respectively, just found two availible copies on the other side of South Carolina yesterday).

I'll upload the Initial Draft here at around 4:00 US EST. I'd like criticism of it so I can improve it in my Rough Draft (which will be after I get the two books I need).

After my Rough draft is done, I'll post it here so you can criticize it again. I'll then do a second, third, and fourth, fior you guys to nitpick, and after that my Fifth Draft will probably be the one I submit.

Note: The Initial Draft does not have source references in the text, which I will do in my rough draft.

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