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Help me! about H. Russell Robinson
Hi!I'm glad to find this webpage,which is very very useful for me.
I want to ask a simple question,about how Robinson defined diffierent kind of helmets,such as Coolus C\\E\\G,and so on.
well in my opinion,this classification may be based on diffierent appearances of helmet,or chronological order??
Forgive my poor English,in fact I am a chinese student,and the reason why asking this question is that there is no bookstore selling the book written by Robinson in China.
If it is convenient for you,please show me some basic knowledge of Roman helmet.

Some time ago there was an article about Robinson's typology on the main website. It is not online any more, but it can be accessed via the Wayback Machine. So you can read the article here.

Kind regards,
Thanks,very thanks!!!

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