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Nodge Nolan
I've just been told about ths thread and Nodge's dead and I feel really sad :-(
Last time we talked by phone, he told me about his illness while he continued making plans for the future. So was Nodge... Smile
I should have suspected that something was wrong when I have not received his customary Christmas greeting card this year, but my mind was somewhere else.... :-(
My favourite piece by him is my silver cruciform brooch. The pic here is by Nodge himself.

My condolences to Janet and SIT TIBI TERRA LEVIS, Nodge.



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It\'s all an accident, an accident of hands. Mine, others, all without mind, from one extreme to another, but neither works nor will ever.

Rolf Steiner
That is a gorgeous brooch! It is so sad to see an amazing craftsman go.
Very sad to hear this, Aitor! Confusedad:
Virilis / Jyrki Halme
[Image: fectio.png]
Terrible news. The examples of his work I've seen are tremendous.

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