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The Roman Era - Skyrim Roman conversion
I thought whether or not I should use the existing thread in this forum about the Roman armor mod for this announcement, but this new thing is different though. I decided to expand my Roman armor mod into a classical antiquity semi-conversion mod. It is still being built (very slowly), it's a bit buggy and not very popular but I thought I'd share it with this community:

Screenshots of most items are at that link as well so I decided not to post them here.

I am working on Celts, Germanics, Parthians and Romans at the moment. Elder Scrolls games for me have always been a bit of Rome Total War in 1st person view and now I am trying to make that vision real.

Once I am done I will share my thoughts on my research here, like a little thesis.

P.S. I am looking for modders who can help with this mod. If, for example, you have a medium-poly (800 to 4000) 3ds max model of something new (like a sagum) that you can share that would be appreciated and I'll give you credit on the mod page. Most of all I would like to find a modder who is good with the Skyrim modding tools and can make a new land of Middle Eastern setting and a scripter who can make the AI fight on horseback so that I can have horse archers and cataphracts.

Awesome! Can't wait to see it finished.

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