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The Crosby Garrett Helmet book
Condottiero Magno post=354649 Wrote:How is the binding on the PoD version? An annoyance with the Osprey PoD versions, despite being priced the same as the original, is the poorer quality binding. AFAIK, PoDs are locally produced, so there might be a variation in quality between the US and UK versions.
Binding seems okay to me but I haven't taken one apart yet as I only have a USA proof copy and my UK copies are coming on Tuesday. Once I perform a post mortem I can tell whether they are burst- or perfect-bound (the former is better than the latter as it imitates sewn signatures but is cheaper). There may indeed be local variations but I suspect Amazon will have made sure the specs are as close to identical as possible. Anthony Rowe, who print their UK POD books are one of the most respected producers in the business.

Mike Bishop
AFAIK, Osprey uses Cadmus Communications for the US and for the UK. As opposed to the stich-bound originals, both are perfect bound and the text is close to the gutter, but the latter's could pass off as an original, while the former's looks cheap, aside from the cover, and in one case,the Adrianople title, I had to return it to Amazon due to slanting text and bleeding margin. If the US version isn't that durable, I could order from the Book Depository in the UK.
aka T*O*N*G*A*R

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