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Pompeii Sword Reconstruction Thread
Salve fellow Ratters!

I am making a thread on the reconstruction of a Pompeii type gladius. I will state now that it was requested of me to make for someone, and that I am using several sources for historically accurate details and designs.

This is a thread that I would like people to learn from as it is a wonderful experience to gain making such gear. All comments and advice are welcome!!!

I apologize that I do not have any pictures of the making of the hilt. I also have earlier pictures of the cutting of the sword, though that's a little self explanatory. I am using stock removal as I am deprived of a forge, and that my neighbors would probably chomp my head off.

I would like to ask the following :
- how sharp is a blade respectfully supposed to be? It is at 1 mm as of now.
- Which hardwoods are accurate? As you can see I am using oak.

Samuel J.
Hey Samuel… is the Pompeii Reconstruction you are doing… an Al-Hamdd blade or a different company? Dave has opened a thread here of his reworking two Al-Hamdd blades. One he turned into a "Guttman Collection" Pompeii and the other he turned into a Fulham blade.

You can ask him questions about his process… He learn a lot from doing the Pompeii. Basically what he had to work with was pretty much a hunk of steel with a tang cut into it. But he created beauty from ashes…. The blades were overweight, unbalanced… and one weighed 3 times more then the other. The "Crowbar" he called it, nearly had enough steel to make 2 swords. That is the one he made into the Fulham blade.

I think he learned that it would have been much easier to forge out a completely new blade then to rework what he had to work with. On the other hand, she had warts… LOL On the other hand, if those Al-Hamdd blades hadn't been oversized and overweight… there wouldn't have been enough stock to make something decent.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into wit those :-o had never seen one and thought, how overweight can they be lol
They turned out well though, makes me want a Pompeii type now!
Hey Patrick,
The Pompeii reconstruction is completely from scratch, like my other sword, so no other manufacturers involved Smile
Just it's giving me trouble getting all my pictures up here! How are you getting your pictures up? A certain quality? Dimensions?

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Samuel J.
I am going to post my photos on facebook...
Samuel J.
Sam, do you use stock removal or do you forge your blades?
Hi Dave,
I use stock removal, but that is only half the process. I do a LOT of work sanding. I haven't made a forge, and nor do I have an anvil for such the thing.
There are a few other threads on stock removal, and it seems very effective, at least for most people's uses.
If you are on facebook, I have pictures on the RAT page where you can see progress reports.
Comments welcome.

- Samuel.

P.S if you like those, here's a link to my in-progress belt thread:
The issues I am having with this is that next year I MAY get a metal lathe, and would like to wait to make my apron terminals to be made with it. As you can see I made my "frogs" disks using a drill. Wasn't easy...
Samuel J.
Try finding a bench grinder with a belt sander attatchment, this will save you MUCH time with hand sanding.
They are inexpensive and, will save alot of hand work. Next best thing to a beltgrinder for finnishing up a blade.
Sorry I probably should have uploaded pictures of my tools, oh wait I can't :x

I use a belt sander hand tool ( may get the table one eventually) 4-1/2" sanding disk, wet'n'dry, and a bit on the buffing machine.
Samuel J.

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Samuel J.
Okay so I just uploaded a picture of my previous sword, the picture was taken with a Nikon camera, the other photo's were taken with an apple device. But they appear as the same type of file and details, so I don't know. I will get a new battery for my camera and take a picture of the pictures... :grin:
Samuel J.
Well done Sam!
I do recomend the table mounted sander, for me at least it helps to be able to move the blade around the tool rather than the tool around the blade.

I forge though, because I can and just don't enjoy grinding, not that I have anything against stock removal.
Just against stock removal for me :-)
Thanks Dave,
I know what you mean I have realized it would be easier.

Would you mind explaining to me the forging facility you have and use? One guy told me how you need a 2,000 lb anvil. ..
Samuel J.
Maybe this will work..

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Samuel J.
Quote:you need a 2,000 lb anvil
Wow! those things must weigh a TON!
Confusedilly: :grin:
M. Demetrius Abicio
(David Wills)

Saepe veritas est dura.

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