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Grandis Punicus - Mobile game roster suggestions
Intro:[spoiler]Currently, I'm on the path to becoming a game developer (I've developed some in the past using a rather watered-down C++ based language, so I'm fairly acquainted with the game development process) and as it stands, I do have aspirations to create a game based on the Punic Wars (honestly, my favorite part of ancient history).
As it stands I am developing a Game Design Document (and in my spare time drawing little sketches and sprites of characters) for such a game.

Basically, it is a game similar to Zenonia (top-down, action-adventure gameplay, some RPG elements) with Streetfighter-esque button inputs to activate skills, and Dynasty Warriors 7/8 style game flow, which is, rather than a focus on individual characters, a focus on the overall story.

It will include fictional/what-if scenarios (similar to Dynasty Warriors 4 and 8).

As expected, the game is quite romanticized (I think the most farfetched thing so far is Maharbal using a crank-operated chainsaw) so some characters are a bit of a stretch, but so far here is the roster of PLAYABLE characters:
For the Carthaginian Story:
  • Gisco, Hannibal* - Axe and Shield
  • Gisco, Hanno * - two-handed sword
  • Gisco, Hasdrubal * - Ji/Scythe/Halberd/Axe type thing
  • Sophoniba (daughter of Gisco, Hasdrubal) - Scythe
  • Barca, Hamilcar - Greatsword and Shield
  • Barca, Hannibal - Massive Battle Axe
  • Maharbal - Crank-operated Chainsaw
  • Imilce (Barca, Hannibal's wife) - Bladed Boots
  • Barca, Mago - Harpoon/Chain Spear
  • Barca, Hasdrubal - Sword and Chakram

And for the Roman side:
  • Claudius Caudex Appius - Longsword
  • Marcus Atilius Regulus - Sword and Shield
  • Lucius Manlius Vulso Longus - Buckler with Shortsword strapped
  • Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio Calvus - Lance
  • Publius Cornelius Scipio - Combustible Spear
  • Marcus Claudius Marcellus - Crossbow
  • Quintus Fulvius Flaccus - Morning Star
  • Scipio Africanus - Arm Blades
  • Quintus Fabius Maximus - Twin Swords
Other characters (unplayable, but unique appearance; generic moveset) -
  • Archimedes
  • Hieron
  • Massinissa
  • Syphax
  • Xanthippus
[spoiler]*Not actually sure if these are the descendants of Gisco, some sources distinguish Hannibal, and Hannibal, son of Gisco/Gesco/Giscoe and others don't.[/spoiler]

I imagine that there's tons of additional Roman consuls/generals that could be added, but I'm honestly not amazingly familiar with the Roman army during this time.

And yes, I had to add Archimedes, I plan to go all out with a what-if scenario where he -wasn't- killed

Anyways, if you would please try answering using this format:
Is the game too romanticized, or not enough?
Roster suggestions (additions, removals, edits) - If you choose to make an addition, please list the battles they were involved in, and if possible their position/contribution in the battle
Weapon suggestions (to throw in a pool and to be assigned to any additional playable characters)
What you'd like to see as a what-if scenario

Also, I would -greatly- appreciate if someone would help me figure out exactly who was in what battle, etc... I've been doing this on my own thus far but I don't want to miss anyone

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