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Personality, while in gear.
Hey everyone, im heading out to renfest in a few days I will be donning my hoplite gear once more. and wanted to pull together
some ideas. What i am trying to think of is what can i do to give some personality
to myself when im in my gear. This is mainly just to bring laughs and smiles.
without being silly. Anyone who has donned their beloved helmit will know
that communication is muffled a bit. thanks in advance to anyone who reply's
and takes a moment to stop by.
If talking to anyone, speak with authority, example, to a youngish child "hello sir, and what would you like to know about the Romans"...etc..just follow this on....its easy. Speak to people before they speak to you.
Or, being a hoplite, the Greeks, as the Romans at that time were still living in thatched huts :wink:
Now, that is an interesting story to tell! How the Greeks laid many foundations for the later rise of Rome. Also, you can use small props to get more questions or attention without being silly at all. A fielddressing and a few blobs of tomato saus will get you a chance to tell about fighting technique and how that b**stard got past your hoplon. Or the high standard of Greek medicine. A lucky charm given by a girl from your village something about home or superstition. An emblem of Zeus worn to grant you strength can initiate a tale about religion and the Pantheon. Something in your kitbag to light a fire, which every once in while you take out and use. Carry some provinsions in a net and tell them about food. Many people are interested in ordinary life, not just the military equipment.
Good point Kevin made on starting the conversation by actively adressing people. Have fun!!
Salvete et Valete

Nil volentibus arduum

Robert P. Wimmers Big Grin
Proclaim some Tyrtaeus:

(Might not work when conversing with children under 15.)

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