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Mid-Late First Century AD Pilum/Pila
I was wondering what is the average height of a mid- to late first century AD pilum? Some of those displayed used are proposed as being as long as seven feet, while others appear to be around 5 feet 10 to 6 feet long. Peter Connolly mentions examples having been found at Oberaden that have shafts that are between 40 cms and 75 cms long, although he doesn't propose what the entire length of the pilum may be.

As for heavy pila, like the example at Hod Hill, is there a proposed size for this item? Arrian mentions the Pilum's iron point as being a third of its total length, although he lived in the second century AD, and there seems to be a change of pila types between the centuries, and therefore of their lengths.

As re-enactors, what do you propose is the most accurate reconstruction available for this period?

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