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Noob question - Wearing lorica segmentata
Hey guys just a silly one. Wondering what the best method is to put on your lorica segmentata without assistance? The best way ive found so far is to have the back laced up, have it wide open at the front and stand it on a table and back up to it. Arms in and lift it onto my shoulders - but plenty of pinching and scraping occurs, not to mention my shoulders feel ready to dislocate!

Great having someone nearby to have it split and lace the back for me, but im sure legionaries could dress themselves! :cheer: there must be an easier way....
- Craig
Craig, that is the way. Just look for a subarmalis ( shoulderpadding) this will comfort the wearing of the segmentata.
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The best way I find is to pick it up over your head with your right hand supporting it
inside the shoulder plates.
it will lean to the left, opening it enough to push your left arm through the left aperture,
then as this is going on, allow the right hand to slide on through.
reduces scrapes, but doesn't totally eliminate them, unless extremely careful!
Still need to ensure back plates inter-lap properly, so it requires a bit of care and practice.
Best way is to get help, as they would have done.
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I have the back laced up and have the front open, sitting on the floor. I slip my left arm through, and stand up. I then jump a bit to get the right side over my right shoulder, and slip my elbow through, once my elbow is through I straighten my arm. Anyone can do this, but I suggests being in relatively good shape, and stretch enough to become relatively flexible
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No matter how you do it, it's smart to put your focale on before the segmentata. Easiest way to do that is to put it on before the tunic. Helps to hold it in place.
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Thanks for the advice guys! I think gaius has the easiest way, requires more strength but less flexibility, which works for me.
- Craig
Faustinus, I use the same method as yo to put on the Lorica Segmentata. I lace up the back, place it on a high shelf or table, and try to squeeze my arms around into it. I've tried some other methods, but like most here I always end up with scratches, scrapes and bruises. I'm sure this is why the Romans relied on help to armour up, as did the Knights of Medieval Europe.

One interesting idea I've come across is that in Feudal Japan, Samurai would lace up their armour and then hang them from hooks or ropes. If they came under attack they could then 'climb' into their armour in a manner similar to putting on a T-shirt, where they simply got into the armour from underneath by squeezing themselves into it. A big problem with doing this with lorica segmentata is that the shoulder bands are stiff, and not loose and hanging to the sides as the sode do on a samurai's armour, so it would be hard to get your arms in, I think.

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