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Mainz pugio
Does anyone know of any bone handled pugios? Having some limited sucess with bone working, I'd really like to have a go making one, and whilst i've seen evidence for organic handles per se (e.g velsen) ivory handles (e.g london, germany) horn inserts and sheaths (e.g Chester) i have yet to see evidence for bone handles, other than some questionable fragments from Xanten. Does anyone know of any bone examples??? <p></p><i></i>
yep, Obmann wrote an article about bone and ivory daggerhandles. I have also taken pictures of several bine daggerhandles in France and I am aware of some in England. In the recent exhibition in Brussel about Rome and Pompeii there was a military dagger with a bone handle in the form of a swordhandle, very odd. So bone handles are definitely found.<br>
Arpvar <p></p><i></i>
i was thinking of replacing my gladius handle with a bone handle- only problem is that the pommel is peened on. Any suggestions? <p></p><i></i>
One of the daggers found at Colchester had a shortened type A tang (ie: it lacked the section which would have widened into the pommel expansion). The pommel was formed from a lump of bone which rested on top of the shortened tang and the "organic" layer" was otherwise completed by two triangular section bone plates on the sides of the handle and two trapesial section bone plates on the sides of the guard. These were attached with rivets which passed through the narrow sections of the tang (ie: above and below the central expansion but not through it) and through the guard (these last two also secured the outer layer). The outer layer of the handle was of thin iron and was made in one piece, being secured at the guard on both sides and pasing over and enclosing the bone pommel. It was either embossed to shape beforehand or was hammered down over the bone sections to take the same shape. At the central expansion and pommel decorative nails were driven in on both sides, confusing the untrained veiwer into thinking that they are the actual constructional rivets, two of which are, in reality, hidden under the iron.<br>
I hope this helps a little.<br>
Crispvs <p></p><i></i>
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