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Re: DEVA 2012

totally purists double look away now...............have an excellent pair of cut down British household cavalry breeches very warm in cooler weather and very sweaty when the sun comes out...oops too much info there, generously sized in the rear as you would expect and good solid construction, cost me a fiver (did need stitching) but well worth it
martin ward

carpe diem[/quote]

I made a pattern for Jurjen for a pair of leather ones. I think I made the pattern a bit narrow in the hips however (need to get him a replacement pair made pretty soon). But if you want to pm me your leg measurements, I can make you a pattern up so you can make a leather pair and I can pop it in the package with your flashy saddle cloth which should be finished in about 2 weeks.

Claire Marshall

General Layabout

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