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Roman Camps n 54mm Scale
Toy Soldiers of San Diego has been working on a new line of Roman Legionaries in 54mm (1/32nd scale) and are now releasing two versions of a "Roman Marching Camp."

Although some might not find it accurate enough, it is none the less an ambitious piece of battlefield terrain that many will welcome into their Toy Soldier collection.

However, these are expensive and not likely to end up as a toy for young kids, though perhaps for those 11 and 12 year olds who have discovered the joys of war games or "Big battles for small hands" the gods of war may grant the lucky few a gift ...

And the SDTS web site"


David Reinke
Burbank CA
Geez, that's a lot of could make that out of styrofoam easily enough.
Du Courage Viens La Verité

Legion: TBD
Yes, I think you are correct Magnus.

I do think their figures are OK and there are scant few in that scale and in plastic. Still ...

For $300 one could probably put together a pretty good looking camp -- even for those of us, like myself, who are, shall we say, artistically 'challenged.' :oops:


David Reinke
Burbank CA

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