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RTW: 2 idea
Hello everyone.

I was playing RTW this morning and joyously back-stabbed the Senate. As fun as the Civil War phase of this game is, I've always felt that its a bit downhill from there. Suddenly, the opinion of the senate and people of Rome cease to matter, and one of my favorite dimentions of the game is lost.

Here's an idea I've developed this morning: after the Republic is finally demolished, the player shouldn't just get a free pass on keeping everyone happy. Instead, there should now be 4 groups to keep happy and balanced against each other. They are:

-The Senate. Yes, you took over Rome, but the Senate was a group you want on your side. Even though their influince and real power declined over time, a good leader always made the Senate feel included in the running of state business.
-The People. For simplicity's sake I include the equestrian class into this group. While it's true that an autocrat doesn't answer to the general public, having a compliant body of civilians makes your job far easier. Scoring low with the mob should result in poor tax revenues, and scoring *very* low would result in unrest, riots, and a sympathetic populace for any usurpers.
-The Legions. I'm sure I don't need to explain why support with the military is important to keep your job. Support could result in cheaper units, and higher moral during battle. Low support could result in low moral, a desertion penalty, or outright mutiny under a rival claimant to the throne.
Finally, I thought of:
-The Praetorian Guard. Again, it's a no brainer as to why you want your bodyguards to support you. High support could lead to bonuses when using Praetorian Cohorts in battle (don't worry, my idea calls for Praetorian combat unit to be ridiculously expensive and cost prohibitive) and increased security against spying and espionage. Low support would lead to a rival faction bribing your guards or even assasination attempts on your faction leader from his own disloyal guards!

So what do you think?

Also, I've never modded RTW in any way but I'm not aware of any of these ideas being implemented in what I've read. It seems like it would add a dimension to the game where the player would face the same balancing act that a Roman emperor would have dealt with.
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