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Rome Total Realism
My Greek City States - mostly Athens and Sparta - get swarmed by thousands of Macedonian troops with the first couple turns.

I'm not very good at RTR. Sad
Send diplomats to Rome and every one you can.
Possibly get tribute from some, military assistence from others...maybe.
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Yeah, Macedon is a ***** when playing Rome Total war in general. They have a very agressive AI program, I mod RTW all the time.

Your best bet I gues would be the Tilda Button and then add_money 40000 over and over and over lololol.

In all seriousness Try the Romans, if they wont help try the Anatolian factions, Selucids might send assistance.
Ah I love these games, though I don't think I've ever tried TR, I tended to use Europa Barbarorum. It was fun...I liked some of the models and the mechanics, hated the moronic write ups on most things "The Romans had no (serious? length? can't recall) poetry until Virgil" etc, wtf!?

Anyway I always played as the Greeks, naturally, and would often get completely hammered trying to play too historically. Maybe that's your problem? utilise a bit of lateral creativity. Also try to create a strong local base and grab hold of your sea ports. If you're playing Sparta try to follow possible oikistic links as we know them in the real world? That might help.

To this day I still remember when I managed to beat Phyrros of Epiros, who had a significantly larger and better force, utilising his own tactics. It was hilarious.

Obviously I know this is for a different mod, but still, it might help.

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