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Trevor Hodge (1930-2012)
I have just noticed that Professor Trevor Hodge has died.

Best known for his work on ancient engineering, particularly aqueducts, his research touched on other areas, such as lead poisoning in antiquity or the shield signal at Marathon.
posted by Duncan B Campbell
Sad news indeed.
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Katte Kabuto no O wo shimeyo!

Sounded like a bit of a character...RIP.
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He also wrote a novel, online here!
posted by Duncan B Campbell
Actually Mr Hodge was a part-time follower of this forum. 2.5 years ago I communicated him the views of other experts on his hypothesis on Roman movable type printing. He actually replied, saying that he followed the discussion and conclusions with interest! His main work on Roman aqueducts is much cherished by me, but unfortunately not as widely cited as its quality may warrant. The good thing about scholars is that their work can survive their life span much longer than it does in other professions and certainly this will be the case with his.
Stefan (Literary references to the discussed topics are always appreciated.)

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