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90mm Greek Figures
The upper body half is finished (looks good) and the legs and base are all that remain. I will certainly post pictures once it is completed. :grin:
OK, I just finished the figure! Sorry about the photo quality and the work bench background. Confusedmile:

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Great work on a great figure, well done sir !
Maybe the photos are a little too bright to see all the details on the model...

I like a lot the helmet and the shield, really impressed Wink
How did you proceed concerning the realisation of the shield ?
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Thank you so much! Yes, I was shooting the the pictures on my work bench (right after I finished) under a fluorescent light, so it did wash out a lot of the image.

As to the shield, I wanted to be a little different and use use the gorgon (entire body) rather than the gorgoneion (head only). I used a very fine brush for the line work and tight work. Also I used the fine brush for the olive wreath on the obverse rim of the shield. The front of the shield has a raised wreath (which makes it much easier to paint).
It doesn't show well on the pictures, but I added a bit of aging on the leather liner beneath the porpax, so it appears to have sweat/body oil stains where the arm would contact it. Really a shame to hide all the "goodies," but I know they're there!
Very good indeed - excellent shield Smile :grin: 8-)

And all of that was converted from a Lego toy figure? Amazing!!! :wink:
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No, BY a lego hoplite figure! :lol:
Thanks for the kudos!
Great skills! Congratulations on a job well done Smile

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