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Greetings from Hastings, UK
Hi everyone, my name's James, and I'm new to this forum, so thought I'd better say hi. If I post anything up in the wrong place, apologies, I'm trying to find my way around so please feel free to point me in the right direction Smile

I've re-enacted the American Civil War, and WW2 in the past but have been out of the hobby for a good few years. I've recently started looking into another of my interests from childhood, in the form of Gladiators. I'm not entirely sure this is the right place for such a subject, as this is Roman "Army" .com, but figured someone here would at least be able to point me in the direction of somewhere more suitable if you don't deal with Gladiators.

I've been searching for some time now, a group local to me in the UK who perform such events, but have not really had any luck, and am beginning to swing round to the idea that if I'm to do this, I'm going to need to find like minded people and start something from scratch. Not having participated in or organised such a thing in the past, I'm busy currently researching the history of Gladiators, their equipment etc, as well as looking into ways to learn safely how to actually do the "fighting" safely and realistically, without the benefit of training from experienced re-enactors. I've been looking into stage combat lessons in London for this purpose, but I'm all ears to suggestions!! Smile

Anyway, very very early days, I'm all alone in my thoughts at the moment, so any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows of any good authentic quality suppliers of Gladiator weapons and armour, I'd love to know Smile

Look forward to chatting to you all in the future!

Cheers, James.
Hi James, welcome to RAT :-)
You find a lot of valuable information here in the forum:
Ancient Combat Sports

We are training now for three years once a week, one of our group members is a teacher for historic martial arts, which helps a lot. We train reflexes, falling, historic wrestling etc. and in the warmer seasons we also erin in gear. We only use wooden weapons, not really staging the fights, but leaving the result open. First to score three hits is the "winner", the other then either tries to "die" in a spectacular way, or drops and waits for the outcome of the appeal to the audience, when we are on an event.

Gear: You can get custom gear from different suppliers like e.g. Antoni Feldon. There is also Gladiator gear from deepeeka, available through or
I made a series of designs for an Indian company, which you can see here: Ancient Empires Reproductions and order through me, if you want.

If you know German, you should get this book, if not you should think still about buying it for all the pictures and resources: Das Spiel mit dem Tod

Cheers! C.
Christian K.

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I think you should be looking into ancient combat sports on this forum, and from where you live I would suggest that you make contact with the IInd Augusta re-enactment group for they do have people who take part in the subject your after.
Brian Stobbs
Welcome James! I am sure you'll find a wealth of information and help on this Forum and have some fun on the way.
Moi Watson

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Hi guys, thanks for the links, tips and welcomes Smile I'll be sure to head over to the Ancient Combat Sports section, afraid I missed that! Smile
James, you might want to get in contact with Britannia, the group that put together the gladiatorial games at the London Guildhall last year.
They have members all over the country but are particularly strong in the South East.
PM me for contact details.
"Medicus" Matt Bunker


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