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Roman Minecraft!
Me and my Legion have been building on the TWC minecraft server, and have a variety of Roman-Themed stuff to show. Pics Attatched!

Liburnian, Auxillary Fort, and me in a Cornuti Seniores Skin are both attatched. More to come!
Our shields are almost exactly like yours, Flavius, but we added a grey Chi Rho to the bottom part.
M. Demetrius Abicio
(David Wills)

Saepe veritas est dura.
Oh you guys do Cornuti seniores Re-enacting? That's one of your shields then in the profile pic Tongue

I plan on doing a late Roman Cornuti Seniores Group here in the US when I have the money, Rusty Myers gave already was ok with it.
If you'd like to join our Faction, and build in the Glory of Rome, please follow this link and contact me on the site. My name is the same.

More pics tomorrow will get some of my walls and more of my roman fort.
More Pics!

Barracks, then Stables, Blacksmith, in my roman fort

Then the Gatehouse

And then it moves over to Arelate, my roman city

That's the Palace, Seats for the Magister Militae, and then the Augustus
More pics of Arelate: Walls, Onager, and tavern

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