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Later Marching Camps?
Now that I have had a chance to see the Ermelo camp in more detail -- thanks, Jurjen! -- I thought that it was worth sharing on RAT.

The camp looks (to me) to be almost exactly 20 acres (8.1ha), which gives it the same internal area (more or less) as our own dear Rey Cross (Co. Durham, England):

Rey Cross is universally thought to be of first century date (c. AD 79). It is the camp that Sir Ian Richmond earmarked as an ideal single-legionary marching camp. Whether or not we agree with this, at least it has been well-discussed ... and any conclusions (it would seem) may neatly be applied to Ermelo.

It's interesting to see that, at some point, the camp at Ermelo has been reduced in size -- a phenomenon which had been observed in several Scottish camps. As this one has been extensively trenched, it would be interesting to compare the data from the cross-ditch (which appears to have been sectioned extensively) with the data from the southern defences, to see if any differences leap out. Indeed, the junction of the cross-ditch with the western defences near the west gate appears to have been investigated. It would be fascinating to see the results.

As far as I can gather, (some of) the recovered samian ware came from an area just outside the reduced camp, but I don't know the details. So, if any of our Dutch colleagues can (eventually -- there's no urgency) fill in the blanks, that would be much appreciated. (Someone somewhere mentioned organic material, I think?)

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posted by Duncan B Campbell

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