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Padding an AER gladiator gelmet
Hi, I have recently purchased a helmet from Ancient Empire Reproductions, and just wanted to get some advice from others in the best way to pad it that looks reasonably authentic (no blue foam).
Any suggestions or photos gratefully received.

Many thanks,

Marcus Tacitus
Mine came with a brown padded synthetic liner that is quite comfortable.
Joe Balmos
The historic Gladiators seem to have worn padded hoods not dissimilar to medieval arming caps inside the helmets, you can find a discussion about this here:
The picture missing from the thread can be found here:[email protected] and the Cologne mosaic also shows such a arming hood:[email protected]/)
Though I have only tried out the "ski-mask" style once, the added padding around the chin helps to keep the visor from pressing or being pushed back into the nose. I have also made good experiences with a felt skullcap as the felt has a nice grip against the metal surface.
Olaf Küppers - Histotainment, Event und Promotion - Germany
Many thanks Olaf, some very useful links there.

Marcus Tacitus

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