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Everyday Life of a Soldier on Hadrian\'s Wall
Paul Eliott wrote a book which I would surely recommend to all members on this forum interested in re-enactment.

In it he describes the life of an auxilia soldier of the Cohors I Tungrorum. This character will guide the reader to all aspects of the life of a soldier stationed at hadrian's wall, food, war, gods, women, the fort, recruitment, weapons and clothing, ... are all described.

however, there is one thing which i surely would like to know more about. he mentions that the Tungri had more or less the same status as the Batavi cohorts within the roman army, the status of an elite.

i've never heard about this regarding the Tungri cohorts. does somebody knows more about it?
Yves Goris
Quintus Aurelius Lepidus
Legio XI Claudia Pia Fidelis
Cohors VII Raetorum Equitata (subunit of Legio XI CPF)
vzw Legia

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