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Information, pics, and specs on the Greek dory
Hello all. Does anybody have any pictures of original greek dory parts, such as the iron aichme or bronze sauroter? specs on aichmes and sauroters would also be very helpful as I am hopefully getting a custom project done soon at Arms & Armor.
Have you tried a google search for images?
Specs might be a little more time consuming unless some one has them
but Welcome to the forum! :-)

These guys should be helpful, but I assume you are familiar with them, and Kineas
who is a member here too!

Plenty of info on this forum too if you search the threads. Confusedmile:
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Take a look at hich just gives a short overview. The amount of taper depnds on balance, weight of iron head and the butt spike etc. A 25 mm maximum diameter is about right.Good luck!
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I have a friend who owns a Persian War Period dory (bronze head), and the socket (I am told) fits a 7/8" diameter pole perfectly. If you'd like to see my personal dory/construction, etc. please go to then select the Goat's Pen and scroll near the bottom of the page :wink: .

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