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What rules systems do you use ?
As a newcomer to this site , what systems do you use or reccommend for a 15mm army?
For 6mm I am looking at getting into polemos, for 28 Clash of empires

However if you are looking at 15mm Dont use DBA unless people around you do, its too generic a system. On that note I would really suggest Hail Caesar the system is fantastic for both 28 and 15mm and has seen a phenomenal reception around here.

What era/army are you looking to do?
Damian Laurence Zamprogno
For a quick and simple (possibly only half-hour) game use DBA, otherwise Field of Glory.
Christopher Webber

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I use at the moment crusader rules , i find them excellent and well worth the effort. However i use 25mm carthigianians, romans, barbarians. I really am after the same but as i say in 15mm, thanks for the replies could you reccomend any 15mm suppliers?

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