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greek helmet books
hello i am new user here , i like the website , pl i want to ask if any one can help me i want the book in the title " Early Greek Armour and Weapons " by Snodgrass or " Der griechische Helm " by Erich Kukahn
thanks Big Grin
Hello Drreham and welcome in the forum!

As this is the sub-forum for Roman helmets the topic should be transfered into the Greek section - I think the moderator will kindly do this.

Of the books you mentioned I have Kukahn's from 1936. It is still useful as an intruduction especially to Corinthian helmets and the only source for some examples which were lost in the war (for example one once in the possession of Hermann Göring...).
The book is today not necessary for Greek helmet studies.
I never had the chance to get a copy of Snodgrass' "Early Greek Armour and Weapons" so cannot say anything about it.

The best works on the theme are still the articles on different Greek helmet types in the huge A. Bottini et al., "Antike Helme" (Mainz 1988).

The articles of E. Kunze in the "Bericht über die Ausgrabungen in Olympia" are essential for the helmets found in Olympia. Look for the volumes VI/1958, VII/1961, VIII/1967 and IX/1994.
An update and addition to Kunze's work should be the soon published "Die Helme von Olympia" by Heide Frielinghaus.

On technical matters the best book is H. Born, "Die Helme des Hephaistos. Handwerk und Technik griechischer Bronzen in Olympia" (München 2009).

For the early Greek helmets the following works are important:

Jürgen Borchhardt, "Homerische Helme" (Mainz 1972)
Herbert Hoffmann, "Early Cretan Armorers" (Mainz 1972)
Hermann Born - Svend Hansen, "Frühgriechische Bronzehelme" (Mainz 1994)
Tamás Dezsö, "Oriental Influence in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Helmet Traditions in the 9th-7th Centuries B.C.: The Patterns of Orientalization"

Andreas Gagelmann
Berlin, Germany

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