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Montefortino image
Someone has 'uploaded' an image of an Montefortino helmet to the Helmets Database. It is Montefortino A, No.147 (from Arles, Provence). Trouble is, there is no image, just a reference to an image store site. This can be accessed by copying and pasting the URL, so I know what the image is of. I can see the difficulty here - there is no way for an 'ordinary' member of RAT to add images to the d/base; that's why I ask for them to be sent to me and I can then upload them using dedicated software.

Could the postee (if there is such a word) please let me know (a) who he/she is, so that proper credit can be accorded, (b) give permission for the image to be added to the d/base and © let me know if there are any further details that can be added to the entry.


Mike Thomas (Caratacus)
Helmets database coordinator
visne scire quod credam? credo orbes volantes exstare.
I am not the postee but you can find a photo and some more information here: (just search for "casque") and I believe it has been published in Long, Luc: César, le Rhône pour mémoire, 20 ans de fouilles dans le fl euve à Arles. Catalogue de l’exposition qui se tiendra au musée départemental Arles antique du 24 octobre 2009 au 19 septembre 2010 p. 346 et seq. (Teyssier)

Jens Horstkotte
Munich, Germany
Thanks, Jens.

I do, however, need the person who posted the original to contact me. I need his permission to use the picture if he was the one who took it. From the entry (didn't notice this before, Doh!) it appears to be one Jean-Luc Féraud. Looking at the Arles Museum site, however, I strongly suspect that the picture that was referenced there is actually the one that was posted by my 'unknown' author. It certainly looks very similar to the picture on the Arles site. Of course, two pictures taken from the same angle are going to look pretty much alike.

If anyone comes looking for the picture/entry, I've moved it so that there is no confusion.

Mike Thomas (Caratacus)
Helmet d/base co-ordinator
visne scire quod credam? credo orbes volantes exstare.

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