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Denis Saddington
Denis Saddington passed away on May 24th. Probably best known for his The Development of the Roman Auxiliary Forces from Caesar to Vespasian, he contributed many papers and articles on the Roman army.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
Sad to hear.

Great scholar.

Bushido wa watashi no shuukyou de gozaru.

Katte Kabuto no O wo shimeyo!

Indeed very sad news.
Sad news indeed. I felt fortunate enough that I was able to correspond with him on a couple of occasions.

Ares publishing is about to republish his revised works on Roman Auxiliary Forces.
Mike Daniels

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If not me...who?

If not now...when?
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Quote:Denis Saddington passed away on May 24th.
Good grief -- just heard the sad news tonight. (I hadn't noticed this post on RAT.) I hadn't corresponded with Denis for a while, but his insight into the Roman auxilia will be sadly missed.

From: Rhodes Trust.
Quote:DENIS BAIN SADDINGTON (Transvaal & Corpus Christi 1955) (9 December 1931 - 24 May 2011)
An expert on Latin language, literature and epigraphy, Roman military and provincial history, ancient education, and early Church history, who served as Professor of Classics at the University of Zimbabwe and then the University of the Witwatersrand, and as Honorary President of the Classical Association of South Africa.
posted by Duncan B Campbell
I had never heard of this gent...seems to be a real shame! RIP
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