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Shoe tying Lorica Segmentata?
As to the tying - I do it as a shoe tie. I consider the odds of a sword strike coming ideally vertically between the hoops and severing the cord without doing me any damage to be so minuscule as to be completely negligible. And the "threat" described here would include two such strokes - first to "unzip" my armour, second to "unzip" my guts. Just won't happen. And no one in their right mind will try to cut the opponent's thonging when there so much unexposed flesh to go around - a stab to the face included.

When you disassemble segmentata, it folds nicely into a half-moon for easy storage or transportation. As the contubernium tents were quite small it would make sense to disassemble the armour for the night, instead of trying to find some space for eight of them in ready-state inside or leaving them outside. Also - if the armour was to always be tied, what is even the point of those loops? Why not just make it from half-circle stripes buckled on the side, musculata-style?

But there is no evidence either way. So go with whatever works for you.
Make your own Segmentata. You will be much happier no matter how it turns out. Legio xx is the place to start. They provide everything you need,including patterns for the plates. Little or no experience is needed.(A good ale helps) If you mess up ,just start over or adapt. You will save money in the long run and then on to making additional pieces of gear.
I really do appreciate the help form all of you! my main concern was that there was a specific source or instruction over assumed practicality & safety but my questions has been answered Smile
Damian Laurence Zamprogno
Quite aside from the danger of being cut in combat, there is always the tendency of continuous laces to wear through and break, and then you're marching along and coming all undone and your centurion comes by and whacks you with his stick for being so clumsy and all your friends are laughing at you and----well, it's just better to use individual ties.
Yup, I agree with the notion is you tie it up whatever way works best for you.

if it's comfortable, easy to do on your own (or with minimal assistance), then do it.

I personally prefer to tie each section.

Matt Amt of Leg XX makes an excellent suggestion whereas you tie on an extra lace or two "just in case" on breaks, you can just grab a new one without fumbling in your armor box, et al.

He also suggests and I highly recommend, keeping the back of the armor tied up, and putting the armor on like a vest - lowering the shoulder plate sections with their leather straps (or unhooking for that other Corbridge version), makes it easier. And, if you decide to try the individual tie method, make sure you tie the lace to one of the lacing loops, that way they will never fall out/get lost, and if you tie the lace in it's middle, you have two ends ready to feed through the other end, and tie that up.

I also suggest tying it with an alternating knot / square knot. That way you just tug one end to loosen the whole thing; instead of tying a shoe tie / bow tie (the leather never seems to "lock" as well with a bow-tie that I have found)

The zipper / shoe tie for the armor is all good and nice, but I find it takes longer to put on, you need a few extra hands sometimes, and, if it breaks, the whole thing falls apart.

good luck!
Andy Volpe
"Build a time machine, it would make this [hobby] a lot easier."
Legion III Cyrenaica ~ New England U.S.
Higgins Armory Museum 1931-2013 (worked there 2001-2013)
(Collection moved to Worcester Art Museum)

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