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Suggestion for New Forum: Education
While it is a part of all the other fora, my experience with the Virginia Junior Classical League (VJCL), and the knowledge that there are others around the US, makes me think this is a great opportunity for a specific forum on education, that is, opportunities, examples and contacts. The VJCL is really keen on having Legio XX and those nearby come next year to present keynote speeches, lectures, demonstrations, and the other sorts of things we do anyway. And this is to an audience that already knows a lot about the topics.

(moved the topic as it looks better suited here)
Richard Campbell
Legio XX - Alexandria, Virginia
RAT member #6?
I would like to learn more about this league and the relationship with Legio XX. I tried to contact Legio XX through their website, but thus far have received no response...
Dan Powers
Society of Ancient Military Historians, Secretary

“It’s not a matter of being afraid or not, it’s about what you do when you ARE afraid”
i do give lectures or lesson to primaryschools. the teachers always give as response they learned more in this 2 hour session as i can teach them in a month.
so i think that tips and so on for everyone giving lessons or wants to give the are very welcome. btw Rich how is your groma??
aka Jos Cremers
member of CORBVLO

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