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Reenactment photos required for use in a museum

I work for a design studio in Edinburgh and we are currently re-designing the Roman Army Museum at Vindolanda.
We require some high-res shots of celtic warriors that we can use on one of our displays and would be interested to hear from any of you that have taken photos or know where we can get some.
They would have to be warriors that fought the Roman's in the north of England from 120 AD.
The exhibition will be permanent and the images would be used quite large. We can of course credit the photographer(s).

Please contact me immediately if you have any images that we can use.

I'd like to add that the photos have to be full colour reenactment shots.


When you say the "Roman Army Museum at Vindolanda", do you by any chance mean the Roman Army Museum at Cavoran, which is owned by the Vindolanda Trust? If so I think that that would be a very good thing to do, as the Museum at Cavoran has failed to live up to its potential for quite some time now.

"We can of course credit the photographer(s)."

That would be good. In fact I think that that would be the minimum most people would expect of their photographs. I think that many people would also feel that they would deserve some sort of payment for the use of their photos in displays which would, after all, be used to draw people into the museum and make it a better educational experience. After all, the carpenters and plumbers (and designers) expect to be paid for their work don't they? Why not the owners of photographs as well?

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Thank you for your reply and concern for whether photographers are paid for their work or not.
If any photographers are interested then I expect them to contact me so that we can discuss available images, the use of said images and negotiate fee's.
It is of course the photographers choice, whether amateur or professional, to price their images. They can be credited if they want to be.

Yes, it is the museum at Cavoran which is owned and managed by the Trust. Funding has been secured and both museums will be re-designed and open to the public early next year.

Thank you

If I were to donate some of my Photographs it might be a way of getting some kind of recognition at last from the Vindolanda Trust, for at least 50 % of the museum at Carvoran is indeed my work from years ago as is also other work in the Vindolanda museum itself. ( at least my name is on the back of post cards from the Trimontium Trust for my work there. )
Brian Stobbs

Try taking a peek at the VICUS web site and contacting the group, we are roman/british reenactors so may be of help

martin ward

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