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The Three Legions by Gregory Solon
First read this as a young man in UK years ago.<br>
Have now received it via Yep, not cheap, but excellent. A novel about Varus 9AD.<br>
Anyone else read this? <p></p><i></i>
I read it many years ago but I was disappointed in the level of military detail and particulalry disappointed in the descriptions of the battle. Character development was strong. Overall I prefer vivid descriptions of the Roman Army and the conduct of the battles in a book. <p></p><i></i>
I, too, read it many, many years ago - as in 1966- and it had been out for 10 years at that time. I agree that the military detail is weak, but Gregory Solon never claimed to be an expert on the Roman army. He served in the US Army during the period after WWII in Berlin, and so developed an interest in German history, and I think he was able to visit the sites which were at that time associated with the battle.<br>
One thing I will say about his characters and the overall sense of the book, is that he very much caught the "feel" of the harsh discipline and the general attitude of many of the legionary troops who did not like being in the wilds away from civilization - far from taverns and other pleasures. It is really no surprise that it was among the German frontier troops that the mutinies occurred in 14 AD.<br>
I own a copy of the book, and still enjoy it. I would also like to see the Varus Film Project come to a movie or TV screen some day, too.<br>
M. Quintius Clavus, Legion XXIV <p></p><i></i>
Quinton Johansen
Marcus Quintius Clavus, Optio Secundae Pili Prioris Legionis III Cyrenaicae

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