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Study of vegetable matter found in UK

Came across this study while looking for period vegetables on the internet. Hopefully it helps someone.

Caivs Matinivs Mattivs

chris mattingly ... able3.html
Don't know if this has made it onto RAT but I found it really useful in providing a list of at least some of the foodstuffs in Roman Britain. The article lists them by early, middle & late Roman periods too which was very handy as I do late Roman re-enactment.

New Plant Foods in Roman Britain — Dispersal and Social Access
Authors: van der Veen, Marijke
Livarda, Alexandra
Hill, Alistair
Issue Date: Apr-2008


The PDF link is a the bottom of the page
Semisalis Abruna of the Batavi iuniores Britanniciani
aka Nick Marshall

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