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Peter Shorer (1923-2010)
Peter Shorer
Archaeologist, conservator, jeweller.

It is with great shock and pain that I inform you of the recent death of my dear friend and goldsmith Mr Peter Shorer.

In the past years Peter Shorer helped me to make many Roman reconstructions. Peter was a man of great humour and an extremely helpful guide. He was always very patient and loved to discuss ways how to solve metalwork problems. In the past years we discussed many hours about ancient jewellers techniques. Peter had a passion for the reproduction of ancient artefacts and was famous for his reproduction of the Ribchester and Sutton Hoo helmet.

His interest in metalwork of gold and silver did not come by accident. Four previous generations of gold workers and jewellers instilled a live interest and passion. Peters greatfather and father were also famous jewellers. His father for instance worked at the restoration of the British Coronation Crown.

Peter, born in 1923 became an apprentice of Jewellery design and manufacture in 1938. In the following year, he was selected by the British Museum, London and employed as a ‘boy learner to learn to work with antiquities’. After WWII Peter helped to unpack the Sutton Hoo treasure, and design and make supports for the many pieces to be exhibited. After that he worked at the Mildenhall Treasure of large silver dishes and bowls. In 1947 Peter started to make reproductions of Bronze Age find for study purposes. In the years after he invented a new and still used method of moulding ancient artifacts. With his techniques reproductions could be made of the Sutton Hoo helmet, and many other Roman and (early) medieval artifacts.
His work in this field resulted in commissions from museums all around the world. Peter Shorer, with his unprecedented experience of many years working with antiquities at the British Museum and countless other museums throughout the world, was one of the select few antiquarians allowed to handle and take moulds from rare and priceless ancient artifacts. His amazing reproductions have been acclaimed for many years as stimulating and exciting aids to the world’s history lessons and lectures as well as being a necessary part of historic cinema and televisual productions.

I am honoured to have known and to have worked with him.

Maarten Dolmans
Maarten Dolmans

Marcus Claudius Asclepiades


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Sounds like a skilled man. Sorry to hear you have lost a friend.
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Really sorry to hear he passed.
He used to be my teacher in the early 2000s.
Alexandra from Artys Transit

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