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Buckle question

I'm putting together a post-Roman British kit for SCA use and I was wondering about rigging the spatha. I expect to hang it from a baldric with the spatha at the right hip, but I was wondering: do these baldrics properly use an adjustment buckle? I could arge either side: a) it doesn't really need adjustment and; b) a buckle is a bit more bling.

So which is right? If I should be using a buckle, about what sort (preferably with a link to a picture or a place where I can order one) would be right?

Thanks in advance!
I would go for a simple buckle type found on the terps and in the UK.

The version on the left in ivory is based on a buckle from Alnwick Castle The bone version on the right is from Gwithian in West Cornwall, the original was in copper alloy. No strap ends, just very simple.

[attachment=0:1mq6ayky]<!-- ia0 Migration buckles.JPG<!-- ia0 [/attachment:1mq6ayky]
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