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Vindonissa Gallic F Questions
This is a question for anyone who might be familiar with the Vindonissa Gallic F in the database. In the description, it states that there are five ridges in the occipital region. I count four but there are only a few shots to go by.

Also, I would assume there were originally two decorative rivets at each temple to hold the upper hinge to the cheek guard. There is only one remaining. Is that a safe assumption?


Kelsey McLeod
One more question... does anybody have dimensions for the neck guard on the Vindonissa Gallic F? I'm checking my calculations:

According to the database, the measurements are:

Total length: 281mms
Internal Bowl length: 230mm

... So I calculate width of the neck guard in the center is around 50-60mm (2 to 2+3/8")

Total width: 280mm
Internal Bowl width: 203mm

... which makes the neck guard 38.5mm wide on each side (1.5")

I don't have a good photo of the neckguard, and it is broken on one side. My first impression is that these measurements seem smaller than some of the other Gallic Fs, although the Nijmegen Gallic F shows a maximum width of 65mm on the neck guard, which is pretty close.

Does anyone have more concrete data?

Kelsey McLeod
It is four ridges.

I can email you more photos and a scan of Hartmann's publication if you PM me your email address.

Hartmann gives the following measurements:

total hight: 19.3 cm
total length: 28.1 cm
width at the neck guard: 28 cm
internal depth: 14 cm
internal length: 23 cm
internal width: 20.3 cm

Jens Horstkotte
Munich, Germany
Thanks for the additional information, Jens. (Only 3 months before I got to notice the 'post'!) It's sometimes difficult to tell from photos some of the features on these helmets. I confess that I thought there were five ridges on the occipital region, but I bow to the superior information and will ammend it on the database.

Thanks again

Mike Thomas
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