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JRMES English/German?
Just out of sheer curiosity, why are some chapters of the JRMES series written in German? Are they just published the way they're submitted? Dag-nabbitt...I really want to read the chapter by Christian Geyer (JRMES #9) about the pila.<br>
...I know, I know...learn German! M <p></p><i></i>
Well it's standard academic practice to publish papers in one of the common languages and most people feel they can best express themselves in a familiar tongue. I have long aimed to have summaries of each paper in each of, say, English/German/French/Spanish, on the website but it's yet another thing to find time for that doesn't bring in the beans, so has to receive appropriate rankings in the crowded Bishop schedule of stuff-to-do.<br>
Mike Bishop <p></p><i></i>
You know my method. It is founded upon the observance of trifles

Blogging, tweeting, and mapping Hadrian\'s Wall... because it\'s there
C. S., something special you want to know from the Geyer (means "vulture"!) essay? Thought about translating it - but then looked it up and it's waaay too long for my leisure time...<br>
Martin/Magister Navis<br>
...or do you want to try your German? Then you'll like this better:<br>
C. S., möchtest Du etwas bestimmtes aus dem Aufsatz von Geyer (...) wissen? Ich hatte über eine Übersetzung nachgedacht - aber dann habe ich den Artikel nachgeschlagen und er hat sich als viiiel zu lang für meine Menge an Freizeit herausgestellt...<br>
Beste Grüße,<br>
Martin/Magister Navis <p></p><i></i>
Gut Dank für das Versuchen, Freund. Ich kann es einmal übersetzen, wenn ich einige Ersatzzeit habe.<br>

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