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Varus disaster diorama by Kevin Townsend
Quote:Batavian wrote:
I think the victory at the Teutoburger Wald was definitely a history-changing event; who would have known what Europa would look like today if the Romans had managed to conquer Germania. History might have taken a completely different course.

mmm, modern view is that the 'Varus disaster' wasn't that important, at all . There are some interesting discussions about it elsewhere on RAT

Maybe one, maybe the other. As enjoyable as it is to ponder historical "what if's", since we don't know what the world would have been like had the Romans defeated Arminius, we can never be sure. There is just too little information. I don't believe we can even be sure of Roman intent beyond the Rhine. Would they have made Germania a province? I'm inclined to say "yes"... but, Would they have stayed? Would additional German revolts have achieved the same thing? How Romanized would the Germans have become? Would Rome have expanded further?

I believe we are safe to say the defeat was a "significant emotional event" for Rome. We can probably also say in impacted the strategic thinking process of Augustus and probably Tiberius as well. Beyond that? I don't know. But it's fun to ponder.
Good news: The diorama has found a permanent home. It will be going to the Hermann Monument Society in New Ulm, MN. I will transfer it to them on 9 April, and sometime after that it will go on permanent display in their museum. I have also given them permission to print/sell the booklet as they see fit.
I am very pleased it will be available for public viewing. I remember, as a child, when I visited museums/battlefields, it was often the dioramas that captured my attention and my imagination. These works were, in large part, the genesis of my interest in both history and modeling. I hope my diorama will likewise serve to inspire.
Hello all,

The diorama was been turned over to the Hermann Monument Society in New Ulm, MN a couple weeks ago. Hopefully it will soon be on permanent public display. I will let you know.
Amazing project Kevin! Confusedhock:

Congratulations! :-D
Greetings. If you are ever in New Ulm (that most German town in American...) stop at the museums and the Hermann monument replica interpretive center. The diorama is now on public display. When I was small going to museums and battlefields with my family it was often the models and dioramas and spoke the loudest to me. They were probably instrumental in shaping my interest in history and modeling. I can only hope this diorama provides the same inspiration to some person.
Where can the pdf be found these days, please? the old link seems to not work anymore Sad
Dan Antonescu
game developer (designer, producer - Newrosoft Research & Development)

Short Answer: I don't have a clue. PM me with a good e-mail for you and
I'll send you one.

Long Answer. I don't have a clue. (Sound familiar?). I do know that Jim
Corless sold Time Machine Miniatures to Bob Stein and that Bob is currently
redoing the website. I do not know what the new site will be like, but Bob has
asked me if he can put the book (and the others I did for Time Machine) on
it. Thus, I assume it will be available again from Time Machine at some
point in the future. In the meantime, if anyone wants one, send me a PM with a good
e-mail address and I'll shoot you one.

I'm not very RAT literate (I really don't do discussion forums/chat rooms/social networking, etc.), so I don't know if it's possible to post a copy here or not...

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