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Farewell Poppy - Chris Toby: the original and the best
It is with great sadness that I inform you that Chris “Poppy” Toby a true hoplite and foundation member of the Sydney Ancients has passed to the Elysian Fields on the Isles of the Blessed on the 6th of December 2009. Our love and sympathy are extended to his dedicated wife Denise, his wonderful daughters Renee and Rachael and his magnificent extended family. Aged 57, Chris or Basileus Poppy constructed one of the first hoplite panoplies in Australia and inspired others to go one better. A cheeky observer of life he was famous for his laconic one liners, practical jokes and pyromaniacal glee. Realising he may not survive his battle with cancer he invited the Sydney Ancients to his property where they set up camp and practiced drill under his watchful eye one last time. On Friday the 11 of December we said farewell to our great friend in a way he appreciated. Six hoplites formed a guard of honour about his coffin and his favourite songs were played and marvellous memories shared. His mates from the Dark Age group Fire and Steel paid their respects as well. Family and friends attended a celebration of his life that Friday. His non re-enactment friends and family shared stories of his abiding love for nature. All agreed his passing was a great loss but all agreed he had given many people the gift of love and laughter when they were down. Our Basileus will always be missed but never forgotten.[attachment=0:3t83mod4]<!-- ia0 Poppy.jpg<!-- ia0 [/attachment:3t83mod4]
Peter Raftos
May he rest in peace!
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