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List of Groups
Legion VI, Cohort II is now in the Oregon/Washington/Idaho area and being supported by Legion VI out of SC (Rusty Meyers)
Contact information is:
James Franklin
[email protected]
Working with Fort Lewis and various Ren-Faire groups in the NW for displays.

Jim Franklin
My group is Roman Hispania, the Legio VIIII Hispana recreate. I hope to see some of you already know here the odd meeting.
I leave the links where to find us:!/HispaniaRomana

Marcvs Marcivs Aqvila

Tesserarivs of Legio XIIII GMV from Madrid-Spain. Of the Antiqva Clío Association.

Marcus Marcius, Antonius F., Quintus N., Aquila domo Miaccum.
Legio IX Hispana
Location: United States, MidLant: PA, MD, VA, WV, NC
website link:
relevant contact info: Randall Chapmann

A bit about us:
Legio IX Hispana -- the only remaining vestige of LEGIO IX HISPANA in America, since the main California group disbanded. We are mostly located in the "MidLant" area of the United States, this encompassing PA, MD, VA, WV and NC.

Leg. IX is a group of living historians dedicated to "learning by doing" -- who strive for more than just standing in front of a group talking. Yes, we do sometimes do displays, but our heart is elsewhere. We plan on period marches or "treks " as they're called and encampments. Our hope is to grow more and do more each year.

One thing we DO encourage is FUN, yes fun! Some folks feel that in reenacting that you need to be miserable and to have STRONG DISCIPLINE to do it... we disagree. It's a HOBBY! (Most of these kinds of folks have never been to real boot camp) So, NONE us wishes to die, nor get sick from bad food, nor have fleas or lice. Most want a "taste" of Roman times, not being marched til we drop or having our feet caned. We wish to get a feel for wearing the armor, to try out some of the food they ate, to walk a bit in their sandals -- we don't wish to get hurt or get so sick that we can't go to work on Monday. Remember again, this is a hobby!

Another Purpose
Part of our purpose is also social and we encourage friendship and comradeship amongst our members. What can be better than doing something that you're interested in with your friends?
Come to us and join Legio IX Hispana.
a.k.a.: Marsh Wise
Legio IX Hispana

Alteris renumera duplum de quoquo tibi numeraverunt

"A fondness for power is implanted in most men, and it is natural to abuse it when acquired." -- Alexander Hamilton

"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress.... But then I repeat myself." ~Mark Twain

[img size=150][/img]
(Oooh, Marshall, you cannot use an icky modern QR code, it is against all policies and rules.)
Propugnatores Barcinonenses / Ascarii Seniores

Barcelona - Spain

[email protected]

We are a new group and we are few, if anyone wants to join is very welcome.

I show you some pictures in our first public aparition in Sarrià, Barcelona. It was only an information point and a presentation to the municipal authorities.




and a picture preaching to the barcinonenses in the Greek theater


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Iñaki Zalabardo

animula, vagula, blandula

Ascarii Seniores - Propugnatores Barcinonenses
LEG XXII PRIMIGENIA from Bavay (France)

[Image: 532383_10151022076434757_433089737_n.jpg]
[Image: 252669_10151031054519757_1049020446_n.jpg]
[Image: 557473_10151142462769757_1668109172_n.jpg]

You are welcome on our forum. Bye!!
LEG XXII Primigenia Pia Fidelis
Viaromana (France): a new site weeb :
Quintus Julius Furius
Sébastien Lemoine

[Image: copie2debanniere1002n.jpg]
Legio XIIII Gemini Matria Victorix Cohors II Laitorum
Roman Army Living History Society

Facebook: [url=http://][/url]

Date: 2nd Monday of each Month
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Little Taste of Britain: Authentic Fish & Chips
3518 West 5600 South
Roy, Utah

Aulus Junius Ralfus
a.k.a Ralph Young
(801) 390-1179
[email protected]

Ralph Young
Clinton, UT
Castra Romana
Czech Republic (no English webpages yet, though)

Here on RAT you can contact Tita Iuventia Martia or me, email contact is [email protected]

The group has about a dozen members, the period we're trying to portray is the Flavian dynasty and we are a mix of legionaries, auxiliaries and civilians.

Appius Solanius Pertinax
a.k.a. Martin Zdansky
Martin Žďánský,
a.k.a. Appius Solanius Pertinax
Hi all
This link has got so big that i cant/can anyone else, remember who has posted thier group or not.
Maybe someone more clever than me could consolidate the threads and just show the groups please.

By the way.... good effort from all
Anyone who wanted to do so, would be welcomed to compile a list and repost it as a separate thread. I'll bet whosoever that was would get a round of applause from not a few people.
M. Demetrius Abicio
(David Wills)

Saepe veritas est dura.
LEG VIII AUGUSTA , Augustodunum (Autun), France.

Flavian Period.


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
[Image: inaciem-bandeau.png]

Kogda liubov` sbivaetsia s ritma Samoe grustnoe v e`tom mire sluchaetsia imenno togda, kogda liudi ispy`ty`vaiut sil`ny`e chuvstva drug k drugu, no ne mogut nichego sdelat` dlia togo, chtoby` ikh vzaimootnosheniia naladilis`. Naprimer, odin iz vas mozhet by`t` bolee prisposoblenny`m k zhizni i prochno stoiat` na nogakh. Vy` mozhete oshchushchat` potrebnost` zakrepit` svoyo polozhenie, dobit`sia priznaniia svoikh chuvstv v to vremia, kak vash partnyor preby`vaet v sostoianii e`motcional`nogo smiateniia i oshchushchaet ostruiu potrebnost` v izuchenii mira, kotory`i` ego okruzhaet. On zhadno vpity`vaet v sebia vsyo to, chemu e`tot mir mozhet ego nauchit`.

<a href=>lektronny`i` masturbator

[Image: 530067_224109934378380_2133437561_n_zps9e7c2a1f.jpg]
Updated List of groups in North America including inactive/disbanded units is post here:
John Kaler MSG, USA Retired
Member Legio V (Tenn, USA)
Staff Member Ludus Militus
Owner Vicus and Village:
Updated North American group list:
John Kaler MSG, USA Retired
Member Legio V (Tenn, USA)
Staff Member Ludus Militus
Owner Vicus and Village:

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