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Segmentata Advice
That surely looks like a good start. I only can't make up if you used washers when riviting the plates to the leather.
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Looks like round copper washers, like the kind that Tandy Leather Company sells. Am I right?

Nice work, though, altogether. Couldn't complain if I wanted to.
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(David Wills)

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Looks great so far! I don't use washers between the rivet head and the leather, generally speaking, and don't have much problem. Certainly you need a washer for any rivet that is being placed from the outside, like a dome-headed one, and being peened inside over a leather. For documentation, the Corbridge pieces did not tend to use washers between rivet head and leather, but the later Stillfried girdle sections did (either one square washer per rivet, or a larger rectangular one punched with 2 holes for 2 rivets).

Keep at it!

Matthew Amt (Quintus)
Legio XX, USA
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Thanks all!

The rivits for the fittings were solid domed head rivits...

I used solid flat head copper rivits on the gridle plates. I peened them from the outside and there are no washers. So the flat head is on the inside. I forget where I ordered them from... I believe it was some plumbing supply company off of the internet.

I tested it pulling the leather off almost as hard as I could... Didnt budge. So it seems solid.
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if you are still interested in buying segmentata armor, I'd reccomend The Daniyal Steel Craft Corbridge A that I believe is only available through Imperium Armory. I own both the Deepeeka and DSC segmentata. The DSC is much more accurate than Deepeeka but The Deepeeka isn't all that bad, at least from what I've read the leather etc. is of a higher quality than used in the past. My Deepeeka has held up nicely through some rough play.
I have a 43" chest and both fit me fine.
Good luck in your armor quest.
Renius/Greg German
Legio VI FFC
Sorry for necroposting but I'm also interested in the Daniyal Corbridge A. My chest is about 39 inch (somewhere between 99 centimeter and 1 meter), will it fit me and what size should I order?

And is there anything else I should know or watch out for when ordering a lorica?
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I was wondering , do the latest deepeeka lorica segmentata ( Corbridge A) have the same "metal bucket" problem like the earlier ones, or would they be able to fit me ( with a chest size of 90cm and a waist of 80cm) ?
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The only thing I would add is this - I think people have the misconception that everything that came froma Roman craftsman was of exquisite quality. We have this "Hollywood" concept that everything produced by the Romans was made to modern machine-made precision standards. Nothing could be further from the truth. The archaeological record does nto indicate this. When you look at Roman artifacts, it is obvious that they were hand-crafted. I have actually heard people comment "Wow it looks so crude, I expected it to be...nicer, coming from the ancient Romans". Granted there is a difference between "nicely hand-crafted" and "ugly as home-made sin".... Anybody concerned with their own ability to make a nice reproductions needs to remember this though. It does not have to be perfect to be authentic.Smile
Oh, yes, we know that! There have been a couple recent discussions along those lines. I don't think there are too many people who want everything to be perfectly crafted. But a lorica segmentata has to fit pretty well, or you can cause yourself a lot of pain, including numbness in the arm if the plates around the chest are too large. Plus, the problems with many mass-produced loricas these days is that they simply are inaccurate in many ways, not that they are too perfect. So it pays to shop around!

Matthew Amt (Quintus)
Legio XX, USA
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Guys, for the money you are looking at spending, you may as well make your own...seriously, if I can make one or two, anyone can. Just takes a bit of time...but worth it 100% in the end.
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