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Rome Total War- Battle strategies
Roma Surrectum (II) is great! A pity I still have an exam this monday, otherwise I'd be playing it again..

RS II adds unbelievable depth to the game. :grin:
Titvs Statilivs Castvs - Sander Van Daele

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I just came up with this new strategy for just about any situation, get 6 urbans 4 arcani 7 praetorian cav 2 archer auxila and 1 first cohort form them up with 2 urbans in the front and 2 urbans on either flank of the front ones angled diagonally backwards and 2 arcani behind each of the diagonal lines of urbans. Then put your praetorian cav behind. Put your 1st legionary cohort with your general in the center with your 2 archer auxila and just wait for the enemy to attack. Any questions or comments just post on my forum.
Nice strategy! The one thing is what if they get through the center of your two light infantry and smash your missle troops. Also, I would put your cav guarding the flanks.
Good tactic Smile shou;d try it out when I play as Macedon in RTW Smile
Here is a picture gallery of how I defend a bridge. On RTW(vanilla)I was positioned in enemy territory outside of Antioch on the bridge. They attacked me and I was compelled to defend myself. :twisted:

1. As they march to the bridge to cross it I array my force.
2. My wall of Hoplites is first the Mercenary Hoplites are back up
3. Ranged troops pull the aggressors until they get close enough for the Peltasts and Militia Cavalry
4. The main clash is on and quickly is my opponents leader killed.(Hoplites vs. Chariots...ouch!) The route is on.
5. Militia Cavalry having spent all their Javelins gives chase. The End...

Greece vs. Egyptians

My Units
2 Armored Hoplites (one is general unit)
4 Hoplites
2 Mercenary Hoplites
1 Archer
2 Rhodian Slingers
2 Peltasts
2 Militia Cavalry

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