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Hestons Roman Feast, UK tv programme
Thought you might want to keep an eye out for this if you're in the UK!

Hestons Roman Feast, showing Tuesday March 24th on Channel 4 at 9:00pm
Heston Blumenthal is on a mission to use myth, science and history to create the greatest feasts ever known. Ancient Roman cuisine meant theatrical, devious and orgasmic food.

The Romans had few boundaries and unusual appetites, eating everything from flamingos to parrot tongues and jellyfish. Heston creates a Roman feast for a group of celebrity diners including comedians Alexander Armstrong and Danny Wallace, actress Greta Scacchi, the Marquess of Bath, TV presenter Lisa Butcher and food critic Matthew Fort.

The feast includes pig nipple scratchings, calf's brain custard, and a slow-cooked hog filled with edible intestines made from chicken and a cocoa mixture. And for pudding, Heston rolls out the ultimate naughty Roman dessert: an unusual ejaculating cake featuring white chocolate mousse, space dust and dry ice.
Lawrence Payne

Asking me to tile your bathroom is like asking Vermeer to creosote your shed ;-)
Now that does sound like a interesting menu

Will have to see if we can get that show some time
here in Canada.

Thanks for the tease.

Vale, Bryan
(Titus Rustius Lupus)
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LEG XXX, Ulpia Victrix
Ontario, Canada

Thanks for having patience with me...
Heston's just claimed that the lead in the water pipes destroyed the Romans' taste-buds; heard the one about the lead causing the alleged madness, but not this one, before. Anyone know if there's any truth in it?
Carus Andiae - David Woodall

"The greatest military machine in the history of the universe..."
"What is - the Daleks?"
"No... the Romans!" - Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens
I'm still bemused by his ignorance of garum. I thought it was commercially available (maybe in Spain -- I'm sure I read that somewhere).
posted by Duncan B Campbell
Quote:Anyone know if there's any truth in it?
That´s nonsense. As soon as the pipes are used, a thin layer of the chalk which is bound in the water covers the lead (sinter). And even if it wouldn´t, the water would never wash away that much lead that it could really seriously affect anyone´s health. Cooking up wine in a lead vessel, which happened apparently somewhere in England IIRC, is a different story, though....
Christian K.

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Thanks! That's what I rather suspected. It's not the first error he (or the scriptwriters/researchers) have made - for example, in the medieval one he repeated the old fallacy that medieval people thought the world was flat.

Still, quite an interesting and fun programme, even if it wasn't educational! Confusedhock:
Carus Andiae - David Woodall

"The greatest military machine in the history of the universe..."
"What is - the Daleks?"
"No... the Romans!" - Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens
Thought you would like to know that we set up the filming in Le Marche for Optomen TV who produced the Heston Feast series.

Delicious Italy.also found Peppe Cotto the butcher form Loro Piceno and even spoke with him today about the show.

Our brief was to locate the ancient pork culture of central Italy. We headed straight up the Via Salaria, past Amatrice to the Monte Sibillini. The same trip the other way was done by the original Apennine tribes who brought pork and porchetta culture to Rome which is still so much part of the local cuisine here

You can find out more here about our time with Heston:

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