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Greetings to All

I hope this is not a stupid question, but has anyone read the Simon Scarrow Roman Series. I have just finished the latest book “Centurion” and was looking for similar books by other authors. I just order two books by James Mace, and I am looking forward to their arrival. But I was also assured that I will complete these books in record time, due to the story line and being well written.

Also any scoop on the cover art ?
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Centurion? Cover Art on my copy is the RMRS Legio XIIII GMV.
Awesome photo! :wink:
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They took the photo for it at a public event, and while this means they didn't have to give credit to the RMRS - it would have been courteous. Understandably, the RMRS weren't very happy. Chris Hatch of the RMRS was the basis for the cover of the paperback of my novel The Forgotten Legion, and did a great job. His main concern when accepting the job was that the RMRS would get a credit on the cover. After hearing his story, I made sure that they did.
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