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Various Aux Q\'s
On the boss, you could put whatever you like, within "ancient engraving subjects" or nothing at all. On a flat shield, in particular, it's important the the width of the boss be sufficient for the fingers wrapped around the grip to fit in. Some bosses are quite too small for my hand.

You might engrave a century of legionaries facing down a horde of barbarians, who are beginning to break ranks, and are being ridden down by auxilia cavalrymen. I probably shouldn't make smarty pants remarks like that, because a craftsman like yourself will probably do it just to show you can. Heh. Some had small engraved figures, some had geometrics, most of the (admittedly few) pictures I've seen of decorated bosses were done with simple designs pinged in with a sharp punch.

What metal are you using for the boss? Are you making it yourself, or buying an already made one?
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haha,I'm glad you were joking! Um, brass, and yeah, I'll (attempt to) make it my self. Thanks,
The RMRS is a great source of images to use! Can't go too wrong wit hthat shape!
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Quote:For the period you require we have virtually no iron bosses extant, copper alloy are far more prevalent.

Hm I thought it was the other way around. I belief I have more pictures of iron bosses then the ones from copper alloy... The Kessel shield boss for example, what is that made of?
And in what period did iron bosses become more used then? Earlier or later?
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